the Bank's Mission is to provide each customer with the highest possible range of banking services of high quality and reliability,following international standards and principles of corporate ethics. Our Bank is a modern high-tech Bank that combines in itself the latest technologies of rendering services and the best traditions of banking community and the Russian business.

Individual approach< / h2>

our goal is to provide each client with a full range of modern banking products and services using the latest achievements and innovations in the field of financial technologies. Individual approach to the situation and problems of each client and the philosophy of partnership - the basis of interaction with our clients.

Versatility< / h2>

the Bank provides a wide range of services to its clients — private individuals, major industry companies, small and medium — sized businesses, and government agencies. In order to fully meet the needs of our customers, we are actively developing our branch network in Russia and abroad. This allows our clients to always and everywhere receive modern banking services at the level of international standards.

the Bank is a reliable partner in the implementation of major social and economic projects in Russia and is one of the leaders in the market of investment support for regional programs.

Partnership and business development assistance< / h2>

in our activities we rely on the highest standards of financial services and thorough market analysis. Offering targeted solutions and respecting the confidentiality of relationships with partners, the Bank takes a flexible approach to the needs of customers, both retail and corporate. Introducing advanced technologies and innovative solutions, the Bank guarantees its customers high quality service and stable income. We are honest and open to all our partners and strive to be an example of reliability and efficiency for all who cooperate with us.

Social responsibility< / h2>

the Bank is focused on supporting the social and economic development of its clients. We contribute to the well-being of society by providing our clients with first-class economic opportunities, as well as by implementing environmental programs, educational and cultural projects. The Bank provides charitable assistance to socially vulnerable groups of society, medical, educational and cultural institutions, sports and religious organizations in the regions of Russia.

Our Bank is a Bank working for the benefit of society, the country and each of its inhabitants.